UQROP's team

© Sandrine Gingras

France Tardif

Office clerk

With a background in accounting, administration and boutique management, France followed her passion for animals when she began her job at UQROP. The Chouette à voir! boutique and our educational program bookings are in good hands thanks to her. She has been close to animals from an early age, and has always enjoyed the company of birds in her household. This tradition now continues with her work with birds of prey, to her great delight!

© Sandrine Gingras

Sonia Vaillancourt

Accounting clerk

With a number of D.E.P.s, including catering, pastry specialization, building design, computer graphics, attestation of music studies from the Conservatoire de Montréal, accounting and secretarial courses, Sonia finally made up her mind and became an accounting clerk for UQROP in July 2023. Taking up the torch from Louise Yelle, she discovers a real interest in birds of prey, which she learns about during her work. Her eternally young heart raves about everything and anything, and she quickly developed a fondness for both the birds and her co-workers.

© NathB Photographe

Vanessa L. Beauregard

Senior Naturalist

Vanessa holds a bachelor’s degree in biology with a master’s degree in international ecology on animal behavior and rehabilitation. Younger, during an elementary school visit from an UQROP biologist, Vanessa falls in love with birds of prey. Today, she is proud to offer others a chance to experience this wonderful adventure and link the organisation’s mission of conservation and education.

© Redha Yacoubi

Sandrine Gingras

Senior Naturalist

Holder of a bachelor's degree in biology from UQAR and a master's in environmental management from the Université de Sherbrooke, her passion for birds continues to grow thanks to UQROP. She considers herself very fortunate to be able to be in close contact with these birds of prey on a daily basis, and is delighted to pass on her knowledge to the general public.

© Nath-ure Photo

Philippe Camirand


He holds a bachelor's degree in biology from UQAM and became interested in education while doing an internship during his university studies. He was a scientific animator at the Musée Armand-Frappier. His interest in birds of prey is manifested by becoming a volunteer for Chouette à voir! before joining the animation team in May 2022.

© Philippe Camirand

Myriam Demers


With a bachelor's degree in biology, majoring in animal ecology from Université Laval and various experiences in wildlife rehabilitation and scientific vulgarization, she has been fascinated by birds of prey ever since she was a little girl. She's delighted to be able to spend time with them every day. Myriam considers herself fortunate to be able to share her passion with an organization with values she cares deeply about.

© Mattias Perez

Suzie Plourde

Project Manager, Development

Mrs. Plourde holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and a certificate in education. She has worked as a consultant and as a director in these fields for non-profit organizations. She worked on the construction project for the Pointe-à-Callières archaeology and history museum in Montreal. Her managing experience for both projects and human resources departments as well as designing, creating and researching numerous funding endeavours render her an invaluable asset to this organization.