What is UQROP?

UQROP is a non-profit organization funded in 1987. It is a provincial raptor rehabilitation program. Its mission is to preserve birds of prey and their natural habitats. To fulfill its mission, UQROP has two mandates.

The first mandate is to structure a provincial network of care for wild birds of prey found injured, sick or orphaned. This network is made possible with the participation of several contributors. The Clinique des oiseaux de proie (COP)  of the Faculté de médecine vétérinaire of the Université de Montréal is a veterinary clinic specialised in the rehabilitation of birds of prey, and it also represents the focal point of this network. Thanks to these different participants, an average of more than 350 birds of prey are picked up and treated each year.

Despite the fact that birds of prey are protected by provincial laws, l'UQROP does not receive recurrent funding from any level of gouvernment to care for these birds. It depends financially on its membership fees, donations, promotional item sales and subsidies, however it's major source of financing comes from the entrance fees at Chouette à voir! and from its travelling educative program.

The second mandate of UQROP is to inform the public about birds of prey. The educative program allows people to learn about the different species of birds of prey native to Québec, but also the different threats they face and the actions that can be taken to help them.

Québec is home to 27 different species of birds of prey. They can be found in forests, fields, cliffs and shorelines, all areas that should be protected. Birds of prey contribute to ecological balance and are indicators of the health of our environnement. All birds of prey are protected by a provincial law, and therefore it is illegal to hunt or to hold one captive without a permit. Unfortunately, some species remain vulnerable or endangered.