Chouette à voir! will open by the end of June 2020.

Because of COVID-19, we need time to prepare our site for your safety. Stay tuned for the opening date!


© Guy Fitzgerald

- Presentations of live birds of prey at 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM*

- Natural habitat aviairies (11 different species of birds of prey)

- Guided visit of our rehabilitation complex (every 20 minutes)

- Anatomical pieces booth (feathers, claws, skulls, wings)

- Photo shoot with live birds of prey $ (bring your camera) 

- Natural trails in the woods (2,5 km)

- Picnic area (no food service on site)

- Depending of our vet and the birds in rehabiltation, possibility of releasing a rehablitated bird

- «Sky hunters» exhibit

- Gift shop

*Presentation can be cancelled or delayed in case of thunderstorms or strong wind*

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Rates and schedule


- 18 $ adult

- 13 $ child (5-12 years old)

- Free 4 years old and under

- 50 $ family (2 adults and children between 5-12 years old)

- 17 $ senior citizen (65 and over)

- 17 $ students

Booking for groups over 10 people

*Taxes are included in the price. Rates are subject to change without notice. Provide payment via cash, debit  or credit card (MasterCard and Visa).


Itinerary: click here



From June 24rd to August 30th, every day. Open from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.

On weekends only : Weekends of September until Thanksgiving (including public holidays).


Special envents: 

- Star gazing evening

- Special artist weekend

- Halloween

- Journées blanches for Spring Break


Special activities

Special events


© Joël Escallier

Star gazing evening

When? August 15th, 2020

Schedule: 7:30 PM to 11 PM

Rates: Adults $15, children 5-12 years old $10

Want a magnificent place to watch for shooting stars? See the sky shine? Then you are invited to come over to the Chouette à Voir! rehabilitation site in Saint-Jude for an evening of meteor showers observation. ocated in the heart of the country, far from big city lights and pollution, this is an ideal place put your feet up and tilt your head back. Bring along a lawn chair, blanket and a small flashlight to guide your way. Evening activities will include a guided walk through the woods to visit the owl aviaries, a topic-oriented presentation and plenty of star gazing opportunities. Pehaps we will be serenated by an owl concert. 


©Audrey Maynard


Les artistes s'invitent à Chouette à voir!

When? One weekend only, September 19th and 20th 2020.

Schedule : 10 AM to 4 PM

Rates : Adults 18 $, children from 5 to 12 years-old 13 $

For these special days, arts, birds of prey and nature awaits! The schedule includes local artists exhibition booths under the theme of birds of prey, live artistic demonstrations, activities for the kids, visit of the aviairies and presentations of live birds of prey at 11 AM and 2 PM. A silent auction is organised in collaboration with the artists, which will be offering their amazing pieces of arts. All the money from the auction will be donated to help UQROP. A colorful week end awaits!



© Carl Salvail


When? October 31st, 2020, 10 AM-4 PM. Posponed in case of rain, date to be determined. 

Rates: Adults $18, children 5-12 years old $13 

Come celebrate to Halloween at Chouette à Voir! Fun family day time activities will include a visit to the birds of prey aviaries located along the forest trails, a peak at the rehabilitation complex, story-telling, candies for everyone, on-site make-up for the little ones and a few more halloweenesk surprises!  


© Guy Fitzgerald

March Break Activity Days

When? March 2021, from 10:30 AM to 4 PM.

Rates: coming soon!

During the spring school break in March, bring the family to Chouette à Voir!  It is a great opportunity to have access to the rehabilitation site during wintertime. Stroll along the forest paths to find presentation aviaries housing our ambassador birds of prey, visit the rehabilitation complex, bring along your snowshoes or a toboggan to enjoy the snow.  

On both Saturday evenings, join us on a nocturnal safari accompanied by night owls! Enjoy the cool evening air while listening for the calls of the wild, and then warm yourselfby the fire. Dress for the chill, a small flashlight might be a fun addition.




Your classroom, here at Chouette à voir!


© Mylène Dumesnil

When: From the end of May to the end of June (before regular seasonal opening that starts on the St-Jean-Baptist week-end) and from the beginning of the school year in September to the end of October.  

Grave level: every age group, from pre-school onward

Chouette à voir! is a great learning experience that allows students to enjoy the fascinating world of raptors!

  • Enjoy a birds of prey in-flight demonstration;
  • Visit the rehabilitation complex;
  • Visit the wooded trails housing the ambassador aviaries;
  • Our pick-nick area is ready to accomodate lots of hungry little ones.

Located at 875, rang Salvail Sud, Saint-Jude. (Map)

Early booking is recommended, give us a call or send an email!


Special Activities, available on request

Flash nature-aile

Photo shoot, our ambassadors at your service

When? Saturday mornings, during the summer, reservation required  

Where: At the Chouette à Voir! rehabilitation site

Cost : $90 for 2 hours (includes entry fee for the day)

The UQROP ambassadors are very photogenic!  A unic opportunity to capture some great features that birds of prey found here in Quebec have to offer. We present several 'models' in a natural setting. A minimum of 2 participants is required for the shooting session to occur, reservations and a deposit are required. 


 More details here.


«Serres»-toi de ta tête!

Birds of prey of Quebec, an identification workshop

When? Saturday after-noons, during the summer, reservation required 

Where: At the Chouette à Voir! rehabilitation site 

Cost: $50 (includes entry fee for the day)

Get to know our native species of birds of prey, learn how to identify them, take a closer look at all the nuances each spiecies offers. The UQROP biologists have prepared a unic workshop for bird of prey lovers and connaisseurs of all levels. A minimum of 4 participants is required for the workshop to occur, reservations and a small deposit are required.  

More details here




© Christian Noël

© Jocelyne Feizo

You want to spend an entire day outdoors and be close to birds and people? Come volunteer at Chouette à voir!.

We need at least 2 volunteers every day, 7 days a week, as well as during the week-ends in September and October.

Of course, as a volunteer, you are free to come and help us as often as you want! Volunteers will follow a brief training in order to increase their knowledge on birds of prey. 

You will have the opportunity to educate our visitors on birds of prey conservation and you will also be allowed to handle some of our ambassador birds.

*To be a volunteer, you must be at least 18 years-old or 14 years-old with an adult.*


Photo contest

Congratulations to our winners 2020!

Thanks to Christian Fritshi for the organization of the contest and his Jury panel.


First position : Daniel Campeau « Faux silence »


Second position : Fan Song « Mama is bringing us something good »


3e position : Sylvain Messier « Harfang dans la lumière dorée »

Thanks to all for your participation!

To see winning photos of previous years, click here.

Activities nearby


One-day circuit in the area: click here


What to do?


Where to eat?


When is Chouette à Voir! open to the public?

Our regular season is from St-Jean-Baptiste weekend until Labor Day, open every day of the week. After Labor Day, the site will open weekends only, until Thanks Giving. The site will also be open for certain activities, such as a Halloween weekend and spring break (specific days only, please verify on our web page for the exact dates regarding these activities).


When are the wild bird release times?

The general health of the bird of prey and weather conditions will determine when a release can be done. For these reasons, it is difficult to predict exactly when the event will occur. We recommend that you check the UQROP and Chouette à voir! Facebook pages for details.


Is the flight presentation cancelled if it is raining? 

If it is raining just a little, the presentation is still on. It is important to dress according to the weather. If the rain is stronger, there is still a presentation, but it will be adapted depending on the weather for our visitors' and birds' confort. The flight presentation is cancelled only in case of a lightning storm or very strong winds. 


Can we pet or touch live birds of prey?

Birds of prey do not like being touched. In the wild they are solitary animals, touching can be perceived as a threat, an attack even. This is why we do not touch them. At Chouette à Voir!, you can learn all about each species’ adaptation of flight, catch prey and discover more of these interesting facts, by visiting the naturalized body parts booth. There you can touch things like naturalized birds of prey's wings, talons and feathers.


Is there food service on site?

The site sells light snacks, ice cream treats and cool drinks only. A great option is to pack a lunch or bring a pick-nick since several tables are available on site. Drinking water is available from a fountain!


What to have with you for an enjoyable outing at Chouette à voir!?

To prepare for an enjoyable outdoor day, consider bringing along some insect repellent, a hat, sun glasses and sun lotion! Depending on the weather and temperature, it may be useful to have a rain coat, comfortable clothes and walking shoes and of course a water bottle. There is no heat system in the entry pavilion, but some shelter from the rain can be found there and under a gazebo. Since most activities are outside, such as the bird presentation, it is a good idea to verify the day’s weather and adapt your accessories accordingly!


Are dogs allowed on the Chouette à Voir! site?

Yes, dogs kept on a leash are very much welcomed. Your canine companion will love the woodland trails. Please note that there are two restricted areas for your pet; entering the rehabilitation complex and remaining at the bottom of the hill during the bird presentation. However, you may keep the dog on the top of the hill near the pick-nick area, this way you will not miss the presentation and your pal can enjoy laying in the shade.


Is parking free?

Yes, parking is free. There are two parking lots available, find more info on our map here.